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Free Midi Converter - simple to use, yet powerful and fast! The soundfont support is perfect! With today’s great sounding MIDI modules and with most PCs having a sound card in them that is far superior to anything available when MIDI was a child, anyone can make music that rivals most major recording studios using MIDI and the home computer or laptop. Now days one small PC does the same job that used to take a stage full of gear to make. And our midi converter software allows the used to harness that power and make it useable in everyday life away from the PC. You can download many available free midi files off the web and making there own Karaoke files to burn to CD recording, making background music or compilation CDs for parties. Our Midi Converter produce MP3 or WAV files for recording to CDs for all chorus parts in minutes! And you can use a high-quality sound font to get great output. Please recommend this program to anyone that is looking to convert there MIDI files to WAV or MP3 audio format so they can be played on a CD player.

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